Hair to the Queen! meets Teo the Great: A Childs Approach to Cancer

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Teo the Great: A Child's Approach to Cancer

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Hair to the Queen!

  • Written by Tamara B. Rodriguez
  • Illustrated by Carole A. Smith

In the press

NBCTamara B. Rodriguez visits NBC 6 Miami to talk about her newest book Teo the Great: A Child's Approach to Cancer and about how families can understand and cope with cancer together.

NBCTamara B. Rodriguez speaks with Baptist Health South Florida about her experience as a young breast cancer survivor—how it changed her life and inspired her to help other families affected by cancer through her advocacy and her books.

  • Miami Herald

    They were thought to be 'too young' for breast cancer. They were wrong.

    Miami Herald October, 2018

    Breast cancer in younger women is often misdiagnosed—though it is more aggressive—because of misperceptions that younger women can't contract it. Tamara Beliard-Rodriguez is one of the exceptions to this dangerous rule.

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  • Brickell Magazine

    Compassion Through Catastrophe

    Brickell Magazine October, 2017

    "It's the type of news no one is truly prepared for. To all outside observers, Tamara Rodriguez’s life was almost preternaturally on track. A Haitian emigre who successfully pursued higher education at the University of Miami, Rodriguez had a number of blessings to celebrate in her rich and varied life..."

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  • Go Riverwalk Magazine

    Crown of Beauty

    Go Riverwalk Magazine October, 2017

    "In most cases, the "C" word universally evokes fear. Cancer can mean so many different realities for one who is diagnosed and their family. As gut-wrenching as it is, adults can come to understand this. Explaining it to a child is another story..."

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  • Diary of a Social Gal

    Montreal Launch of Hair to the Queen

    Diary of a Social Gal August 10, 2017

    "Béliard-Rodriguez is the author of Hair To The Queen, a children's book created expressly to help and empower parents talk to their kids about cancer. And yes, the queen, in this instance, is Béliard-Rodriguez..."

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NBC 6's The Fight Under 40: An open conversation about breast cancer in young women. Tamara Rodriguez is one of four women to share her story with NBC 6 Miami.

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